Friday, November 28, 2008

Christian Bautista @ Shangrila Mall

As has been our practice for the past few months at the office, all celebrants within the month would pool their celebration together at the end so that we can have only one party. Since my birthday is this month, I did the treating at the end of the month (today). For the party, Cols prepared chicken and salad. I had Jhonna (our admin) order spaghetti bilao's. Ethan and Yaya Rose brought the food to the office around 3:30pm with Cols driving to the Peak.

After eating a few bites, Caitlin came to pick me up around 4:30pm so we can get ready to go to Shangrila for Fliptunes' 2nd Popfest concert this year with Christian Bautista and the DLSU Pops Orchestra. We picked up Cols from home and headed straight to Shangrila EDSA Mall.

The show was held in the atrium/lobby of Shang. We got three (3) reserved right in front. The DLSU Pops Orchestra rendered about 5 songs before Christian was introduced. Of course, the excitement picked up when Christian came onstage and started singing. He plays the crowd really well; interacting with his "shrieking" fans. He did 6 songs, I think. Before the end of his last song, Jedi pulled us over and brought us to the backstage so we can have first crack at a photo op with him!


After the show, we did some more Christmas shopping and had dinner at a Korean restaurant at the top level.

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