Monday, November 16, 2009

Busuanga Day 3

With still a whole morning to kill, we had early breakfast and went hiking up to Eagle's Point. Eagle's Point is the highest point in Club Paradise. The hike itself was rather short (maybe 2 kms at most?). Certain portions were steep, but the walking path is quite simple to follow.
On the way to the top, one would pass by the way to "Hidden Beach". There's also a nipa hut middle of the way for weary travelers who want to catch some breath. At the very top is a concrete structure which allows the hiker to get a 360-degree view of Dimakya Island and its surrounding. It was mid-day and getting hot so Cols wanted to get down as quickly as possible.
The rest of the morning was spent resting lazily. We had pizza for lunch (after a couple of lunches and dinners at the same buffet restaurant, we figured we've had enough and wanted something simpler). We left the resort by 1:30pm along with some other foreign guests. We took the boat ride back to the ferry station; then the dusty jeepney ride to the airpot.

Busuanga airport was jointly built with funding from South Korea. Its very simple and had no aircon or souvenir stores. Our PAL Express flight left promptly at 4:30pm and Caitlin fetched us from NAIA 3 back in Manila.

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