Friday, December 11, 2009

Cousin Sharon's Wedding

I took a leave from work today (Friday) as its Cols' cousin Sharon's wedding. The church ceremony was at 1:30pm. Ethan was the coin bearer. It was Ethan's first time to take part in a wedding entourage so we were a bit apprehensive if he will behave properly. Will he walk down the aisle? Will he cry? Will he get irritated by his suit and tie? Oh, the numerous possible things that could go wrong!
We arrived at the church just in the nick of time. The traffic along Katipunan and Boni Serrano were heavier than expected so Cols was panicking (as usual) that we won't make it. We arrived with still about 10 mins to spare. Caitlin did not go with us since she had school.
I'm also happy to report that everything went very smoothly. The little guy never complained about his suit. In fact, he seemed to like it. When it was his turn to march down the aisle, he performed his duty. The only scary moment was middle of his march, he turned around and started walking back because he could not find me (I was positioned in the front part of the church as I was the one taking photos of people walking down the aisle). After he re-established his sense of direction, we walked forward again and things went without any more hitches.
As there was a big gap between the end of the ceremony and the reception at EDSA Shangrila, we went back home first to rest. We left house again by around 6:30pm to attend the reception with both kids. Ethan looked very dapper with his suit and Caitlin wore her new gown.

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