Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine Dinner at Robot Restaurant

I bought my first group-buying voucher from CashCashPinoy the other day. I've been waiting for a deal at the new fancy Japanese Robotayaki (aka. Robot) Restaurant-bar along Makati Avenue, and CashCashPinoy finally offered a special PHP888.00 for a multi-course sampler meal set. I made reservations and Cols and I got there by 7pm. The place was pretty bare. There were very few diners. In fact, almost all diners were availing of CashCashPinoy vouchers too. Looks like the restaurant is not living up to its hype. While waiting for our meal, a senior Chinese customer at the adjacent got really mad. He was creating a scene and shouting why the food takes more than an hour to come out when there are so many cooks at the kitchen (the kitchen is separated from the dining area by glass panes so you can see what's gong on inside). Our order actually did not take that long, so I don't know what was wrong with his. The waiter quietly confided to us that the guy was actually the dad of one of the owners. I previously thought the restaurant was owned by socialite and self-proclaimed "eventologist" Tim Yap. But the waiter said that he has no ownership and its only the image that they want to project because of his connections. Overall, I wasn't really happy with the meal. Would not want to come back.

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