Monday, February 13, 2012

JT's Manukan Grille @ Katipunan

We had lunch today at Joel Torre's JT Grille along Katipunan.  I've read good reviews about it and it seems to be opening more and more branches, so I've always been curious to try it.  The restaurant is in the 2nd floor of the building so it was not easy to find.  We had to ask the guards to figure out how to get there.

There were not that many diners when we got there, but service was really slow.  There seems to be only 3 x staff manning the entire restaurant operation.  We had to follow up several times just to get hot water.  When the waiter delivered the plates, a cockroach-like insect jumped into the table and freaked out Cols.

When the food finally arrived after a long wait, I was filled with excitement.  Sad to say, I was a bit disappointed after the first bite.  It did not taste any more special than any other inasals I've eaten.  Granted that it is much better than Mang Inasal, which has really gone downhill in quality since Jollibee bought it.  But its nothing really special to write home about.

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