Sunday, April 15, 2012

PLDT's Lousy DNS Servers

Looking for free and reliable DNS service?  Try out Comodo's free Secure DNS service.  Just configure your router or your PC to use the following DNS servers:

Primary DNS :
Secondary DNS :

It works soooo much better than PLDT's DNS server that comes with their MyDSL service.  PLDT's DNS server often fails in resolving hostnames.  So even if the DSL link is up, you can't surf.  The problem does not seem to be unique to me as postings in public forums from other PLDT subscribers also describe the same problem.

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jrlenz said...

Which is why I run my own caching nameservers (a pair of old laptops, one is early-2000s vintage) with a forward first clause directed at pldt's servers. They're perfect for these tasks as they have very little UPS draw.

They'll query PLDT first, if no hits they'll query the root-servers directly. Then the response is cached locally.

Expense is minimal; performance increase is drastic.