Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trick Art

I took the kids and my nephew to Seri Fantasy World this afternoon.  The group-buying sites have been promoting them in various deals and lots of people have been buying, so I've been curious as to what is in there.

Seri Fantasy World is located at the second floor of the Manila Ocean Park.  My first impression when I saw the place was that of disappointment.  It looked like a ran-down, low-end version of Active Fun.  Our P198 voucher was good for unlimited viewing of their 3D movie and the Trick Art Museum.  The kids seem to have enjoyed the 3D movie although the quality was pretty lame compared to our Samsung 3D tv at home.

The Trick Art Museum was the highlight of the trip.  The place was actually very small and very unimpressive to look at.  All the images on the wall look very flat and 2D-ish.  But interestingly, when you take a picture, they look very 3D-like.  Check out our shots.

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