Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dinner with Old College Friends

A former Ateneo college classmate, Malou Espino-Leonardo, is in town (from the US). Michelle Dy gathered a few of us for dinner at Terry Selection in Podium. It was a long day for me as I have been conducting training on our new hires both in Manila and from the branches. Then from the training, I had a board meeting that went up to around 7pm. So I had to rush through EDSA traffic to get to Podium. Its been a while since I had to wade through EDSA traffic on a weekday. :P

I got to Podium slightly past 7:30pm. Had to look for Terry Selection first since I've never been to the basement area of Podium. I didn't know there were shops there already (I think they partially converted the basement 1 parking into a shopping area). Terry is a Spanish deli that caters more to the higher end crowd (as compared to the likes of Casa Armas, I guess). Mitch said its more authentic. Well, I'm not a big fan of Spanish food so I can't really tell the difference.

When I got there, Malou, Mitch, Rene Lacson and Red Atendido were already there (I was the last to arrive). Shortly after some exchange of basic pleasantries, we went for the appetizer, and the main meal. Malou's now working at Costco in Washington; Mitch is still with Intranetsys; Rene's now with ABS-CBN Interactive; and Red is in the customs brokerage business. It was fun reminiscing through old times over dinner.

The basement area closed a bit early so we had to move up to the main lobby area for desserts. We stopped by Cheesecake, Etc. to unwind. I had to leave close to around 11pm. And I guess the rest of the guys left shortly after that. Mitch volunteered to start off a mailing list for our Ateneo BS Computer Science batch 1991. So for those interested in joining, just send a blank email to admu-cs1991-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

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