Thursday, August 7, 2008

Globe 3G Pricing

I reported a couple of months ago that I was happy to find out that Globe finally offered time-based 3G Internet surfing on the phone. There have been recent postings in the ph-cyberview yahoogroups about exactly how Globe does their charging and how it differs from Smart.

To recap, Smart offers 30 minute surfing for PHP10. The time starts ticking when you first go online, and you can disconnect/reconnect as many as you want within that 30 minute time frame. That entire 30-min duration is considered as a single session, and thus, you will be charged PHP10.

Globe offers their Internet surfing at a smaller denomination of PHP5 for 15 minutes, but here's the caveat apparently that they never mentioned in any of their ads -- they measure your 15 mins from the time you connect until the time you disconnect (whether intentionally or due to loss of signal). So if within a 15 min timespan, you got disconnected twice and you reconnected, you are billed 3 x PHP5 instead of a single PHP5 because it will be treated as 3 very short sessions!

This explains why my last saw Globe bill had multiple billings for the same day. I must have gotten disconnected/reconnected and was billed for multiple sessions. That sucks!

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