Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home Theater Sofa

Our 3-seater home theater sofa was delivered by Blims today! We went for a China-made cheaper version of La-Z Boy. It was about P10k cheaper (based on La-Z Boy SRP) and came with a free Toshiba Regza 19" LCD TV. Not that we really needed another TV, but I want to have 2 x PC's at our den and I don't want to buy another LCD monitor for the 2nd PC. A 15" LCD monitor nowadays costs about P6k.

From LGV House Blessing

The recliner mechanism of this sofa is not as good as La-Z Boy's. But one thing I liked about it over La-Z boy's 3-seater is the center seat reclines as well. With La-Z Boy, only the left and right side reclines while the center one converts into a table where you can put food. But I thought it was more important to have seating space so I opted for this one.

The home theater's configuration is supposed to have 2 x rows of theater sofas. But since we're on a tight budget, we opted for one set first and placed it on the raised floor section. Maybe we'll just put bean bags for a while on the front row for the kids.

The home theater is 6-meters deep. The sofa is just slightly behind the overhead projector. So that puts it at about 4-meters from the projection screen. I think its just right. If we put another set on the lower floor level, I think it will actually be too close to the screen.


milandro said...

dude you got a nice house as ive seen in your picasa album, whos' your architect by the way?is he familiar with the design of multimedia rooms particularly lighting and acoustics?im planning to have my own house this summer once i get back in P.I. and the cinema room is surely a must have.

Dick Chiang said...

Hi. Our home theater is kind of a DIY. We gathered bits and pieces of ideas by visiting stores offering home theater setup services. Then our interior decorator took care of the measurements and just gave it to the contractor for actual implementation.

The acoustic design is also pretty DIY. I just did some research on the Internet and told the interior decorator to just have padding on the sides (for sound absorption) and heavy drapes at the back (for diffusion).

Most audio experts on the Internet seem to agree that modern-day audio equipment are already so good that you don't really need much acoustic treatment on your home theater to get the sound quality you need. If ever, you might just really want the acoustic panels if you really don't want sound to escape the walls/ceilings/floors in case you want to turn on the speakers full blast. I using Harman Kardon receivers and JBL speakers by the way:

milandro said...

Good stuff! Im currently in Dubai right now and still on the planning stage for my home theater, the whole house floor plan is completed but i asked my architect to just provide a room for the multimedia and i'll do the setup of the room by my self..much like what you doing also lots of googling and thats how i bumped in your blog..i also got tips from the guys in Bang & Olufsen where i bought my Beosystem 3 about acoustics..i bought most of my hardware here in dubai which is really a bargain and ill be shipping it all next month..por pabor, can i get your house architects' contact, email or website is ok.Thank you.
Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Dick Chiang said...

You can contact Juni Azachee (