Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Rainy New Year's Eve

We held the annual family New Year's Eve gathering at our new house last night. Cols cooked a couple of dishes; mom did too; Leslie did the dessert; and Dad ordered for the lechon and sotanghon. Food was served and we had dinner at our Lanai. Kenneth came over to spend New Year's Eve with us because he was doing practicum at a hospital while the other siblings of Cols all went home to Gen San for the holidays.

After dinner, everyone went home to spend the eve at their respective homes. Although Dad kinda wanted to have everyone stay here at LGV, Mom insisted that she has to be home for New Year's Eve as it is her tradition to shake her piggybank. So Nikki, Les and William went home with them.

The weather has been muggy the whole week, and it drizzled tonight. I can't remember the last time when New Year's Eve was raining. Although it would rain a bit, it somehow always stops by midnight so the fireworks merrymaking goes unimpeded. But for this year, it rained all the way to midnight (but not that hard). So we limited our fireworks at our garage (not that we had that much firecrackers). During the merrymaking, I crossed the street to meet-and-greet our neighbor next door for the first time.

From LGV New Year's Eve

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