Friday, January 16, 2009

TV Taping for Makisig Network

I went to Marikina City Hall first thing in the morning to settle some taxes. Then I headed off to the Timog area to meet with Roger at the Makisig Network TV station. The traffic was horrendous at Commonwealth (in front of the new UP-Ayala Techno Park) U-turn section. There was a cycling event going on at the QC Memorial Circle that took out 2 to 3 lanes that contributed to the monster traffic jam.

I arrived at the station about an hour late. Makisig Network is owned by the Herma Group and is carried by SkyCable on Channel 76. It targets mainly the male audience and most of the programs are sports-related. One of our PayEasy merchant GameHopper, produces a show there called Pinoy Gamer. Its a show focused on all sorts of video games -- from PC-based to console-based.

So in next week's episode (which is the one we're taping today), the show interviews GameHopper to talk about their business. GameHopper basically provides subscription services to its huge catalog of console games. This includes all the popular ones from Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, XBox 360, to those played on hand-held consoles. The all-original games are delivered to the subscriber and he/she can play it as much as he/she wants. GameHopper wanted to expand their business so they are working with PayEasy to accept all sorts of online payment options.

The studio was not that big -- maybe 50 to 60 sqm. There were 3 cameras shooting us, and the floor director just gave us basic pointers in blockings: where to stand and where to look. Then the hosts took it from there. During the 5 to 10 min interview of GameHopper's operations guy, I was called in by the hosts to talk about PayEasy briefly. To watch my full interview from that episode, click here.

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