Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The LGV Home Theater Mystery Solved

For some time now, we've been wondering why the door of our home theater "mysteriously" gets locked.  According to Yaya, she never locks it.  And Cols always think that I'm the one locking it.  I've been tempted to review the DVR recording just to see why its locking itself.  Of course, Cols has her usual "haunted" theories, which I don't really buy.

Anyway, today, I was transferring some camcorder recordings to the Philips DVDR, for further burning to DVD-ROM.  Then Ethan and Yaya came in.  That's when I noticed that when they open the door, they push it all the way to the wall.  Since there is no door stopper, the door handle bumps the wall, which in turn, causes the lock to be pressed.  Voila!  That's what is causing it to lock!  So that finally disspells Cols spooky theory.

From LGV House Blessing

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