Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another BDO Programming Stupidity Bug

I previously commented on the seemingly low IQ programming that went into BDO's Internet Banking.  Well, I encountered a couple more recently:
  1. To simplify my payments to Yellow Cab Central for our supplies, I wanted to stop issuing checks, and instead, just pay them via direct transfer to their BDO account.  So naturally, I went to BDO's e-banking facility to do that.  There is an option there to do 3rd party funds transfer.  The blank field prompts you for the account number, then you specify the currency, then the amount.  Very straightforward.  I entered YC's BDO account number and the system kept giving me an error about the currency not matching with that of my account.  I'm sure we're both PHP accounts, so I called up support.  It seems that their 3rd party funds transfer requires that all accounts that you want to pay to, must first be enrolled so that they will appear in the dropdown list.  So my question is -- if that is a requirement, then why did they even bother to put a textbox field to let people enter adhoc bank account numbers.  And furthermore, why is the error message saying currency mismatch when it should be saying something like "3rd party account must be registered"?!
  2. In that same 3rd party payment page, there is a textbox field where you are supposed to type the amount you want to transfer.  They require that the user enter the amount in "NNNNNN.MM" format with no commas to separate thousands/millions.  Surely parsing something like a comma should be trivial.  In any case, I tried copying-and-pasting a figure from my Excel spreadsheet and I didn't notice that there was a trailing whitespace.  When I clicked the submit button, the BDO web application complained about amount should only have 2 numbers after the decimal point.  It took me some time to realize that it was treating the blank/whitespace as another digit!!!  Surely trimming whitespaces is really trivial when it comes to field validation.  But no -- I have to manually delete the space so that the system will not think there are 3 digits after the decimal point.
As far as I can tell, BDO's system runs on Java.  I know because there have been times when their site would return a very descriptive error showing a JVM stack trace. :P

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