Monday, June 16, 2008

Banco de Oro Internet Banking Security

I logged on to BDO's Internet Banking facility tonight to do my banking. It told me that my password has already expired and it prompted me for a new one. Ok, that's pretty standard. After entering the new passwords and clicked the next button, it further asked me for a secret question and answer in case I want to retrieve or change the password. No big deal. Still pretty standard way of doing things.

Once logged in under the new password, I tried going to the change password utility to change it back to my old one (so that I don't forget). With Metrobank's Internet banking facility, it will not let you re-use an old password. But before with BDO, you can actually change back the new password to the old one and it will not complain. So I tried doing that trick again. But this time, something new happened...

It asked me to enter my secret question and answer. Yes, you read that right -- it ask me what is my secret question AND the answer to that question. This is really weird! Normally, the system should present you with the secret question you registered and you just give back the answer. This is the first time I've ever encountered a system that actually prompted you for your secret question! And I don't remember the exact phrasing! I just know the question is about where I was born. But it looks like the words have to be exact. So now, I can't change my own password because I forgot the exact wording of the question. Arrgghh!

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Art said...

Kung minsan masasabi nating tanga ang IT ng BDO!