Sunday, June 29, 2008

Buying More Rollins Books

The Power Plant's been having a 3-day sale. So I took the opportunity to go to Fully Booked and buy the James Rollins' books that I've been waiting to go on sale. They're actually old books -- way before the Sigma Force series started with Map of Bones. I bought Amazonia, and the last copies of Subterranean, Excavation and Sandstorm at the bookstore. The four paperback books, after deducting the 20% discount came out to less than PHP1,000. Pretty good deal, I think. I did not get Deep Fathom because the cover had a bit of crease.

The recent fourth installment of Indiana Jones -- the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is available on book, and it is written by James Rollins. I'm not sure if Rollins wrote the book from which the movie was adapted, or whether he just wrote the book based on the movie's screenplay.

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