Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not Having Much Luck @ Tagaytay Highlands

We woke up a bit early because Ethan was making noises outside. He was calling for "Diego" (the cousin of "Dora" of Nickolodeon). I heard Cols wake up to check on Ethan, but I was still too drowsy so I stayed in bed. Since there was no TV in the living room, I heard Cols come back in to transfer the TV stand (with the TV on top of it) outside. After a few seconds, there was a loud thud. I assumed the worst, but since I did not hear any screaming, I figured maybe it was something else. After a few minutes, Cols came back to the bedroom and confirmed my worst fear -- they dropped the TV set!

The swivel where the TV set sits on top of is very slippery. A slight nudge of the TV can knock it off its perch. And it seemed that while they were setting up the TV at the living room, Ethan was being his usual busy-body. In the ensuing confusion, the TV fell down and cracked its side. Luckily, the glass screen itself was undamaged. But when we tried to turn on the set, only a bright vertical light appears in the middle with some audio. Looks like the video got busted. Hopefully its not the picture tube since that is like the cost of the entire TV.

I reported the incident to the building admin in the basement. They immediately contacted the clubhouse who, in turn, contacted the unit owner. After several follow-ups, I decided to go to the Spa & Lodge, where the main clubhouse management is located. Caitlin came with me since she was getting bored.

At the Spa & Lodge, Caitlin was not looking properly while walking and tripped on the sidewalk. She scraped her left knee but tried putting a brave face so that I won't get mad at her. But I noticed she was in pain so when I pulled up her shorts, I saw blood trickling in her wound. I let her rest a bit at the chair while I talk to the club manager regarding the TV. She said the owner wants to charge us P15k to replace the TV, which was supposedly just bought this past Feb! This vacation is turning out to be more expensive than we originally planned. After some haggling, the owner agreed to P12k. Still a bummer.

From the Spa & Lodge, I brought Caitlin to the sports center to be treated because that's the only place here with a clinic. The nurse (or was she a doctor) cleaned the wound and put gauze on top of it to prevent it from getting infected. Caitlin had to limp a bit in the meantime.

When we got back to our unit, we packed up our things and got ready to check out. For the checkout, we had to go back to The Spa & Lodge to settle our account (including paying for the darn TV). The checkout process was a bit slow. They had to call the building where we stayed so that housekeeping can check everything (if we stole anything, I guess). After a long wait, housekeeping told them that there were a couple of face towels missing. We checked with the maids, and turned out that Yaya Rose took home one as a souvenir. Grrr... We drove back to our place to return the towel, and pickup ours that was left behind.

Once we finally got out of Tagaytay Highlands, we drove off to Jollibee for a quick lunch. It rained a bit which dampened Caitlin's spirit since she was all set to go to Tagaytay Zoo. But after lunch, we drove towards the zoo. And by the time we got there, the rain has already stopped. It was hot again from there. We stayed at the zoo for about an hour, I think. Caitlin got to ride again on the miniature horse whom she also took a picture with when she was 2 years old.

From the zoo, it was time to go home. We arrived back in Manila around 4pm.

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