Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hospital and Party

Dad postponed his Europe trip because Grandpa was admitted to the hospital this morning. Grandma said he's been coughing hard and she was nervous that he might have pneumonia so they rushed him to Cardinal Santos hospital.

After work, I passed by for Cols and Caitlin so we could visit Grandpa at the hospital. We stayed there until about 8:30pm then we headed to Auntie Rosie's place at Talayan Village. They have a small party to welcome the arrival of Uncle Steve and his son, Matthew, from the States. They're coming home to attend Steve's mother's big birthday bash in Cebu.

Caitlin was happy running around the house "exploring". She was hyper the whole evening. She also enjoyed playing with her Aunt Samantha (who's only 6 months older than her).

The Northwest flight was terribly delayed due to engine trouble. So we stayed until almost midnight before they arrived. Caitlin was getting grumpy and sleepy already by that time. By time we got home, cleaned up and went to bed, it was past 1am already.

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