Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Second Try at Reyes Barbecue

I had lunch again at RCBC Plaza today. Even though my previous dining experience at Reyes Barbecue in RCBC was quite negative, I gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried it again. This time, I ordered their Chicken Barbecue Meal (at P69) with the optional iced-tea add-on (at P15). Total should be P84, but I was surprised that the cashier asked me for P94. Redoing the math in my head, I told her that it should be P84. Turned out that she charged me the iced-tea at the regular price of P25 instead of the add-on price of P15. Ok, so that's a minor boo-boo. No big deal.

Went to my table and waited for my order to arrive. It was quite a long wait. One would think that in a fast-food setup, with a fairly small number of items in the menu, that they would already have pre-cooked barbecues that they can quickly serve. I must have waited for like 10 mins before my food arrived. And when it did arrive, it came with an iced tea on a tall glass. I think they made a mistake and gave me the P25 iced tea drink. The guy across my table had a smaller iced tea on a plastic cup. I think that's the P15 add-on. Oh well, I'm not complaining on my iced tea.

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