Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sotanghon Soup @ Reyes Barbecue

I tried out the food court at RCBC Plaza today for a change. I'm getting tired of eating at my usual ones (PBCOM, LKG). The walk was a little bit farther, but it was worth it. The food selection is definitely way much better. There were high-end restaurants as well as those that catered more to the masses.

I tried out the Reyes Barbecue outlet there. I'm generally happy with Reyes' food taste and value-for-money. I ordered the half grill hamburger with rice meal, and an additional order of the sotanghon soup to go with it. The wait was fairly long as compared to other similar fast food joints.

The burger patty arrived first so I started eating. I intentionally ate slow since the soup hasn't arrived yet. But even at my slow pace, I was almost done already and the soup still hasn't arrived. Now I'm normally a patient person and I don't like complaining to restaurant establishments even if the service is poor. But after making a couple of follow-ups, I decided to tell the waiter to just cancel it if they cannot produce it. I mean -- how complicated is it to serve soup? Soup is normally just prepared in a soup pot and the server would just scoop it with a big spoon and put onto a bowl.

Anyway, the soup finally arrived. It was very, very hot (I think they microwaved it). I had to let it cool down a bit before tasting it. When I finally did get to taste it, errr... well, it tasted like water with bits of chicken and vegetable and very little actual glass noodle (aka. sotanghon). I've had better tasting "free" soup from the usual food courts I go to.

Actually, I also ate at the small Reyes Barbecue outlet in Paseo Center last Friday. That outlet is so small that it is mainly doing take-outs. Business there is also very brisk so, as expected, the wait for the food was also quite long. In that incident, the wait was so long that I ended up getting stuck there because it poured. I was only supposed to take out my food, but because I did not bring an umbrella, I just had to eat it there. The waiter was apologetic with the delay.

It seems that something goes wrong everytime I eat at Reyes. Anyway, I give the sotanghon soup at Reyes Barbecue a two-thumbs down.

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