Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr. Sulu's Gay Wedding

I was reading through the Philippine Star's foreign entertainment section when an item caught my eye. It talks about George Takei, known by most sci-fi fan as Lt. Hikaru Sulu of the original Star Trek series. It seems that Takei has come out of the closet in recent years. And with the US Supreme Court overturning the ban on same-sex marriage, Takei has announced his plans to marry his partner for 21 years. Takei is 71 years old, while his partner is 54.

While I have nothing against gays, nor with gay marriages in particular, I just found it hard to imagine that Mr. Sulu, the helsman of the USS Enterprise, is gay. :) I was never much of a big fan of the original series with William Shatner. I kinda grew up more with Patrick Stewart's Star Trek: The Next Generation. And if I find out Lt. Commander Data is gay too, that will really flip me out!

Takei also starred as Hiro Nakamura's strict dad in Heroes Season 1 & 2. Kinda hard to picture him now as the stern dad who teaches kendo to Hiro.

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