Saturday, May 31, 2008

Advance Celebration for Caitlin @ Tagaytay Highlands

Since our Boracay trip did not push through due to bad weather, we decided to celebrate Caitlin's birthday in advance this weekend. Cols booked us at Tagaytay Highlands' Pinecrest condotel care of Auntie Rosie Go's membership. We left Manila around 10:30am. Ethan, Yaya Rose and our household helper, Sheryl, came along for the trip. A large section of South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) was under construction. So it wasn't smooth driving all the way.

We reached Tagaytay's Josephine restaurant (with a quick stopover at Rowena's for some tarts) around 1pm, I think. We ordered their grilled seafood platter and fried chicken. Early on into the meal, my false crown tooth fell off again! This is the 2nd time in a week! And since I'm out of the city with no dentist tomorrow (Sunday), I have to bear with a sensitive tooth for the whole trip. Bummer.

We were about to finish our meal, when Dad, Mom and Auntie Betty (Nikki's mother-in-law) arrived to join us at the restaurant. They ordered more food (more than what we ordered earlier for ourselves, actually) plus desserts. It was around 2:30pm already when everybody was done eating. We drove off into Tagaytay Highlands to check-in.

Our room is 1014 Pinecrest. Its a basement room below the parking level. But since it was built along the mountain side, if you step out into the terrace, there is actually still one more level below. The view outside the terrace is not much. It just faces another mountain wall. The room came with 1 bedroom and a large living area. Yaya Rose, Sheryl and Ethan slept on the sofa bed, while Caitlin, Cols and I slept in the room with a folded mattress on the floor.

Caitlin wanted to go for a swim after checking-in to our room. The weather was pretty warm so I agreed to go with her. We drove to the sports complex area in midland (very near our place) where the pool was located. The water was warm although the air when you come out of the water was a bit cool. The pool was nicely designed. The main area is only about 5 ft deep, and there is a shallow kiddie poool. We swam for about an hour from 5pm to 6pm. I had to bring Caitlin to the men's locker room to dress her up, then we headed back to Pinecrest.

After a clean shower, Cols, Caitlin and I drove out of Highlands to look for dinner. We ended up in a place called Tootsie's which serve home-cooked meal. The owner (who else -- Tootsie) was there and talking randomly to guests (including us). It was a bit windy and cool tonight so we ordered for their specialy molo soup and grilled ribs. The portions were quite big so we had to take home the ribs leftover.

When we got home, we called it an early evening. Caitlin slept with me on the small (Queen?) bed while Cols slept on the floor. Click image below to see slideshow of the web album.

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