Monday, May 26, 2008

My Tooth Falls Off

While biting on a bar of Toblerone last night, my fake crown on my lower left molar came off. This is the one that was installed by my dentist (Dr. Joseph Macasiray) after he surgically removed by impacted wisdom tooth about 6 to 7 years ago. Without the crown, the tooth underneath is very sensitive. Anything from lukewarm water to a cool brush of air causes a sensation. So I slept it off and called up the dentist office first thing this morning for a 9:30am appointment.

Dr. Macasiray's clinic is just at Herrera Tower -- practically a stone's throw from The Peak. His junior dentist attended to me to re-attach the crown. He said the gum underneath may have expanded a bit without the crown above pushing it down. So at first, the fit was not very comfortable. He used temporary cement in case we need to pull it out again later if I really feel discomfort. But after it was re-attached, I felt fine. He just advised me to stay away from chewing hard the next couple of days. No charge for the re-attachment. I guess it comes with a lifetime warranty. :)

We met up with Auntie Betty (Nikki's mother-in-law), Uncle Ray (Leslie's uncle) and a companion at Annapolis Seafood for lunch. Business at Annapolis is rather slow nowadays. They even give away 30% discount for weekday to Saturday lunch! I guess Choi Garden must be really killing them since they are only several hundred meters away from each other. The food today was so-so, and it was rather slow considering there were hardly any other customers. By the time the sweet-and-sour pork came out, I was already finished eating.

From Annapolis, we went to Loyola Grand Villas to check on our construction. Then its off to UP for binding a couple of picturebooks. After that, we passed by the Bulacan Garden area in White Plains to look for a contractor to do our landscape. The landscape designers themselves were not around in most of the stalls. We came across one though where the owner/designer was there so we asked him to do a site survey and give us a basic proposal.

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