Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gas Saving Tips

With gas prices rising every week, everyone is looking at ways to save gas. As of this writing, we're now at P54/liter for Shell E-10 (ethanol blend of regular gas). Prices have risen by about P15/liter already since start of the year, I think. Industry experts are saying that it might go as high as P80/liter if wholesale crude from the Middle East hits $200/barrel. Bummer.

The Department of Energy recently announced some gas saving tips that I found interesting:
  1. Don't drive -- ok... that's kinda obvious. I guess I have to consider walking to and from work more.
  2. Fill-up your gas in the morning when the temperature is still cooler. You can fill up the tank by 3% to 6% more than if you were to fill-up during high noon. Interesting.
  3. Don't leave the car running idle. Leaving a car running with aircon for an hour can consume as much as 2 liters of gas!
  4. Avoid parking your car out in the sun. The heat of the noonday sun can evaporate gas faster.
  5. Keep car running between the sweet spot of 70 to 90 kmph. Good luck trying that in EDSA!
  6. Don't carry useless things in your trunk as it adds to the weight and increases gas consumption. So we finally dispatched the heavy playpen that we've been lugging around in our trunk since we never got around to donating it. So the driver brought it to the White Cross orphanage today and left it there.
  7. Turning on airconditioning while driving eats up an additional of around 10% gas. Since I drive home early evening from office, I can live without airconditioning.

If all else fail, try out these crazy gas saving stunts from Kip Kay. Take the risk of putting acetone in your gas tank!

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Dick Chiang said...

Maybe the best tip is to NOT use Ethanol and stick with regular unleaded.