Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walking Home

Our driver was absent for the second day due to fever (or so he claims). Since Ethan's yaya Thelma resigned this weekend, Cols was stuck home babysitting. And since today is our CRV's coding day, we only had one car at home. So I left the car home and took the cab to work this morning. Now, I've been thinking about this for some time -- how far is The Peak really from Rockwell? Is it "walking distance"? I've measured it on the car's odometer and its about 3km from The Peak's parking to Amorsolo West's parking. 3km isn't that far. I'm sure I've walked farther before. I've walked to my meetings at DBP before (right across Pacific Star). I did not feel that was far -- and that's almost close to halfway to Rockwell.

So feeling energetic, I decided to WALK home tonight! Yes, you read that right. I walked home from the office. I left The Peak around 6:25pm. At my regular brisk walking pace, it took me only about 7 mins to reach Pacific Star Building. I wasn't even sweating yet. Piece of cake! From there, I crossed Buendia; then Makati Ave; then trun to P. Burgos street (where all the bars are).

While walking along Burgos St., I saw a taxi drop off a passenger. But I figure -- I must be more than halfway home already. Seems kinda pointless to cop out now and ride a taxi. Besides, the flag down rate of the taxi would be PHP30. Maybe add PHP10 more to reach Rockwell. My cab from Rockwell to The Peak this morning was at PHP60. So at PHP40, that doesn't seem logical given that I'm very near.

So further on I went down Kalayaan, then to Rockwell Drive. I reached home around 6:50pm -- for a total of about 25 mins. Not bad at all! Driving through traffic can take as much time. Besides, I can normally jog for 30 mins on the treadmill. And this was just brisk walking. My only mistake was not being prepared for it as I was wearing leather shoes. So the sole of my feet kinda hurt a bit. But no big deal. I should bring my rubber shoes next time I do this. :)

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