Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips Slides at Google Docs

Its been a few months since I last used Google Docs. While I'm still mainly an MS Office guy and prefer to create and edit my documents locally on my PC, I cannot deny the advantages of having an office productivity software that is accessible with only a browser. There have been several times when I was at home and I needed to access some files at the office PC, but obviously couldn't since my office PC is normally off outside office hours. But if the documents are stored online, it can be retrieved practically from any Internet-capable PC! I presently use Google Docs mainly as a glorified file cabinet/storage space. I upload a backup copy of my stuffs there although I still mainly do my editing locally.

Anyway, going back to my main point of writing this blog entry, I conducted a training session to our tech staff yesterday on basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. As usual, I created my slides using MS Powerpoint. The last time I used Google Docs, it only supported MS Word and Excel. When I tested it again today, I was fairly surprised and impressed at the support it has for Powerpoint documents.

Not only does it allow you to create and modify your Powerpoint slides there, you can practically run the entire presentation slideshow from your browser! And that's not the best part. From what I can tell, it even seems to allow you to invite other people to the presentation so they can view it simultaneously on their browser online. There is even a chat facility on the side for discussing the presentation with remote users, I suppose.

It generated the ff. URL for me to share with people who wants to see my SEO tips slide:

I think if I email the link above to the people whom I want to join the online SEO presentation, they can follow along. I wonder how the browser knows that the speaker has changed slides already. I should test that one of these days. It would be very odd to conduct a presentation without having to talk though. :)