Saturday, January 10, 2009

House Blessing

Tonight's the big night everyone's been excited about. We're having our official house blessing. For the past several days, we've been trying to get a priest to officiate with no luck. So we eventually opted to go with Rev. Lyons, the same pastor who officiated our wedding and a neighbor at Valle Verde. It has been raining the past few days. So for good measures, Cols rented a large tent to cover the paved driveway at our lawn.

Guests started to trickle in by around 5:30pm. Some of dad's guests arrived a bit earlier because we originally planned the priest to do the blessing late afternoon. Nibet Locsin was our official photographer. You can see her shots by clicking on the image/link below.

From LGV House Blessing

As usual, the caterer was Verleo (they seem to be one of the most popular ones in town). Dad donated a lechon. We probably had about 120 guests. A large part of our lawn was still unoccupied. I guess we can actually host more than 200 guests in the house if we wanted to.

Rev. Lyons arrived past 7pm because he had a church commitment in the afternoon. Once he got here, we started with a house blessing/prayer. Then we did the "traditional" throwing of coins around the house, and dinner started.

Our guests included relatives, neighbors, current and former officemates, our store managers, our contractors, etc. Dad invited another 30 to 40 of his friends. Caitlin invited two of her classmates -- Rogue and Zoei. The food sort of ran out for those who ate late (including me). I didn't get to taste the lechon anymore. :(

The party finished by around 10pm. Phew!

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