Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yet Another PictureShop Client Sighting

I had my third PictureBook customer sighting today! After church, we had lunch at a restaurant that we frequent along Wilson St. in Greenhills -- Hai Kang (formerly Hong Kong Harbour Restaurant). Mom saw a little girl and as commenting about her hair accessories. When I looked at the girl, she was being carried by her dad who looked very familiar to me. Took just about a second for me to recognize that I've seen him several times from the photo books and photo puzzles that his wife has order from us. And sure enough, I recognized the woman beside him immediately also!

I dragged Cols to go over their table and introduce ourselves. This customer has been one of our very first customer and she has been a loyal "suki" of ours already. Even more coincidentally, her daughter has the same name as ours.

I also blogged about my previous two sightings:

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