Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hamilo Coast Beach Club

Dad brought us to the soft opening of Hamilo Coast's Beach Club today. We took the Previa there for a 3-hour ride. We left Valle Verde around 9am and got to Hamilo Coast by noon. The last time we came here, the beach club was not yet finished. Now, its fully operational with a restaurant, a pool, and huge changing rooms.

We had lunch at the club house restaurant. They served buffet. The food was not fantastic considering the price. But since there was something like a 50% off introductory discount, it did not come out too bad. The buffet also extended from lunch up to the afternoon snack.

It was a really hot day today. But the kids and I went swimming in the pool. The pool, in my humble opinion, was not that fantastic either. Rockwell Club's pool is much better. We initially started at the wading pool, then Caitlin wanted to swim at the bigger pool.

Much to our amazement, Ethan wanted to jump in also into the big pool. While Ethan loves to play in the pool, this is the first time that he actually wanted to swim in deeper waters. In Rockwell, he only likes to stay in the wading area and would cry if you try to bring him to any spot where he cannot step on the floor anymore. So this was a major improvement for him.

After the pool, Caitlin and I did a quick run to their beach area. The sand was no contest to Boracay. It was brown, and I suspect its not natural also, but was probably transported here from another area. We had some snacks afterwards and headed home since there was nothing else to do. We stopped by Tagaytay to buy some fruits, and got back home by dinner time.

From Hamilo Coast Soft Launch

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