Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ateneo Career Talk

I was invited by the Computer Science Department (now called DISCS) to give a 10-minute talk to the incoming CS prospects for SY2009-2010. The event was held at the new science complex (same as last year) and it was good to see old, familiar faces again. Dr. John Paul Vergara is the chair this year. Mark, our tech support guy back when I was still a student, is still there. A former student of mine is now a teacher.

As I talked to the students, I began reflecting on how old I actually am! When I graduated back in 1991, some of these incoming freshmen were probably not even born yet. There was no separate MIS program back then. No fancy robotics lab or Nintendo/PS3 boxes for game and animation developers to play with. The faculty has greatly increased with more PhD holders now. Some names still sound familiar but most are strangers to me already.

This year's gathering did not include dinner unlike last year's Open House where I was also invited. :P

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