Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Online Backup Storage

Looking for free services on the Internet that will let you backup your data remotely?  I tried out ADrive today.  It gives you 50Gb of "free" space.  The web interface is very crude.  It looks like a file manager inside a webpage.  I'm not sure if its implemented as a Java applet, but it sure feels like one.   Very un-Web-2.0-ish.  I guess you can't complain much given that its free.

ADrive probably makes money through ads, although as far as I can tell, the only banner ads there are those annoying ads for animated cursors (I wonder who actually buy those).  The thing about the interface that I hated most is if you upload file(s) or folder(s), a dialog box appears showing its progress.  The bad part about the dialog box is its modal!  That means it stays on top of your browser and you cannot do anything else without closing it first.  You can't even click on another browser tab to go to another site.  The only way to continue surfing is to open a new instance of your browser altogether!

A couple of other sites that look more polished are IDrive and Mozy.  They both offer 2Gb free space.  Anything beyond that and you would have to subscribe already.  So I guess since they have actual revenue streams, they can afford to polish their web interface.  They also have PC-based client software that will let you do remote synch in the background automatically.  No need to manually drag-and-drop files/folders to your remote backup folder unlike ADrive.  But with only 2Gb of free space, it doesn't seem worthwhile to bother registering.

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