Monday, March 30, 2009

Monetizing My Blog

My blog hits seem to be slightly increasing. I guess my entries are being indexed well by Google. I noticed that my niche technical articles get better hits than my regular ones -- eg. my entries on programming the Canon digital camera or writing C# code for Bluetooth. My entry on Jungle Joe and Boutique Bed and Breakfast also get good hits. I guess the more specific the topic is, the better the search engine ranking.

Well, I figure I might as well try to make a buck or two with this blog. So I clicked on the "Monetize" tab in Blogger and created an Adsense personal account. I've had one created before and its that one we use for the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) website, which actually makes some decent money from Google ads. But since this is a personal venture, I went ahead and created a personal account. I don't have unrealistic expectations for my personal site. A tiny fraction of the PBA ads is better than nothing.

The layout "wizard" of Blogger automatically created spaces where Google ads will appear on my blog. I went for the jugular -- a long, skyscraper layout on the right panel, and a rectangular area in the body.

After adding these new ad panels, I noticed that the blog archive index section on my upper right corner became a bit more sluggish. Whereas before, clicking on the expansion arrow of any of the months would just cause some Javascript to display the entries under it without a postback; now clicking the same arrow causes the whole page to be refreshed. I don't know if its trying to get more context for ads based on the expanded article titles.

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