Saturday, February 2, 2008

Open House at AdMU

I was invited by Ateneo's Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS) to join their open house for the high school students who made it to the Director's List. Students who earn this distinction are those who fall under the top 2% out of the total who took the college entrace exam. As an alumnus and former faculty, I was tasked to entertain questions from the parents and prospective students about the Computer Science program, and I guess, about Ateneo as a whole based on my own experience.

Its been quite some time since I last stepped on the Loyola campus. A lot of things have definitely changed since I graduated way back in 1991 (egad! Its been that long). I don't recognize anymore half of the buildings on campus. Some have been knocked down (eg. Colayco Hall) and rebuilt, while others have had significant facelifts. Our old home, Faura Hall, is still there. Back then, it was one of the newest building. Today, it looks very old compared to the newer structures -- some sporting avant-gardish looks.

The new science complex is a sight to behold. It has a feel of a California campus (sans the weather). I was able to take some shots. But my Nokia 6680 does not do it any justice especially since I took the photos when it was getting dark already. The event started at the PLDT-CTC building. Dr. Rodrigo of DISCS gave the presentation to the prospect students and teachers.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my cousin Nadia and her parents (my Tito Bert and Tita Lucy) at the event. Nadia, being an anime fanatic, wants a career in computer animation, I suppose. After the presentation, we were led to another building for dinner. I was assigned a table with three sets of parents/student, along with a fellow faculty, who turned out to be my student back 15 years ago!

I could not help but marvel how times have changed. Before, the top schools had students begging to enter it. Now, the schools are going out of their way to court students to enroll. Schools have to practice marketing now just like any private enterprise in order to acquire "customers".

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