Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Test driving the Nokia 6120 Classic

Cols availed of her Smart Gold Plan 1200's free phone through Smart's loyalty/retention program and got a Nokia 6120 Classic phone. Since my old phone's LCD is already busted, I've been using Cols' old Nokia flip phone for a couple of months. I don't like the flip design that much because its hard to text. The send key is too far because its on the other side of the flip design. So I'm using her new N6120 for now.

The N6120 is actually pretty feature-packed. It beats my much-clunkier N6680 in several departments:
  1. The N6120's camera is 2.0 megapixel vs. the N6680's 1.3 megapixel. I have been complaining a lot about the N6680's photo quality in my blog. Will have to give the N6120 some tests.
  2. The N6120 has support for HSDPA (or "3.5G"). While its quite rare that you get HSDPA when using data, on the occasions that I did get 3.5G, the download speed was really fast.
  3. The screen of the N6120 is a bit narrower compared to the N6680. However, the 16M color palette is way much sharper than the N6680.
  4. Nokia finally outfitted the N6120 with a more "standard" USB data cable! Its the same kind of USB cable that I use for my Canon digital cameras and Palm Tungsten.
  5. The N6120 supports Microsoft's Windows Media Audio (WMA) format over-and-above the standard AAC, eAAC and MP3 formats. Furthermore, it can act as a Windows Media client and can synch seamlessly with the Windows Media Player to transfer songs and covert art. I haven't tried yet whether it can synch DRM-protected WMA files like those we sell through Fliptunes.
I would strongly recommend this phone for people wanting to try 3G. There are only two shortcomings that kinda dampens my enthusiasm:
  1. The keypad is quite hard. You have to exert a bit more force than usual just to type on the keypad.
  2. It uses yet another type of power adapter. I hate it that Nokia has so many types of adapters for different phones. Why can't they just standardize on the same ones?

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Dick Chiang said...

I did some testings on the WMA capability of the phone. Unfortunatley, it does not support WMA tracks protected with Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM). :(