Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shelfari Widget

Shelfari is a free website where people can go to rant and rave about books. One can search through its database for the book covers and synopsis of the novel, then make comments or reviews about it. Shelfari is a "Web 2.0" site, in the sense that, its contents are mostly user-generated. It uses a lot of AJAX technology that makes the interface really spiffy and interactive.

I revisited Shelfari today while doing some reading on Google's OpenSocial API. Shelfari is supposed to be one of the sites that already supports OpenSocial. So I created an account for myself at Shelfari and added some James Rollins books I recently read like The Judas Strain and Map of Bones. Then I used Shelfari's widget tools to automate the adding of a mini bookshelf to the right column of this blog. The bookshelf now shows the current book I'm reading. Very amazing what it can do!

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