Monday, June 22, 2009

Pinoy Geek Humor

As I drove through A. Mabini Street on my way from Shaw Blvd to Wilson Street in San Juan, I came across this really funny store signage. Its apparently a store selling puto. Whoever came up with the store's name has got to be a computer geek. I was able to quickly snap a photo using my camera phone. My reflexes have improved since the last time I tried being a papparazzi from the car.

Back when PC Magazine was still in circulation, the last page would feature funny signs (intentional or otherwise) related to computers. This would have been a great entry -- except only Pinoys can appreciate this humor.

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Drexx said...

I'd think Spanish-speaking geeks would appreciate the joke too. Except that instead on laughing about rice cakes, they'd be chuckling with the cross-concept of man whores. Ha ha ha!!!