Friday, June 5, 2009

Web Sites Projects under Visual Studio 2005

I've been looking at some sample code lately that requires Visual C++ compilation. Since I have been mainly doing C# programming the past several years, I never bothered to install the C++ option of Visual Studio (2003 and 2005). But now that I do need it, I popped in my MSDN DVD and tried to add C++. It gave me some strange error and refused to install it. So I had no choice but to uninstall Visual Studio 2005 and reinstall it -- this time with C# and C++.

The process seem to have worked as I can now view the C++ sample codes. But strangely, when I try opening some of my C# projects, Visual Studio 2005 would complain about unsupported project files. This is particularly true for my really old web/web service projects which I migrated from VS 2003 to 2005. VS2005 just doesn't seem to like their .csproj files.

After some tinkering around, I noticed that VS2005 web site/service projects do not seem to need a .csproj files. In fact, deleting the .csproj files seem to fix the problem. The project could then be added/loaded onto a VS Solution without any hassle.

On another note, I also recently installed Windows XP Service Pack 3. Although SP3 has been around for some time, I haven't really bothered to install it. Now that its installed in my system, I'm experiencing weird problems with my Virtual PC. The problem seem to specifically happen when I do large file transfers between my Virtual PC session and my host PC. It just reboots my entire machine without any warning. Grrr... the lesson is -- don't load new Microsoft service packs unless you are specifically experiencing problems that require it.

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