Sunday, October 11, 2009

Free Globe Tattoo with my HP Mini

The recent HP Mini 110 Netbooks that I bought for the store came with free Globe Tattoo -- that's what Globe calls their wireless 3G/GPRS Internet service. I filled up some application forms; photocopied my ID and receipt; and got my units from the HP Store at Glorietta Digital Exchange.

Installation was pretty simple and trouble-free. You open the packaging; insert the SIM into the USB dongle; plug-in the dongle to the NetBook; and it pretty much installs itself. It seems that the dongle can even accomodate a mini SD card so that it will also act like a USB flash drive. But I wasn't too interested on that so I just installed the basic 3G module.

Unfortunately, ever since the the big typhoon, Globe wired and wireless service in Marikina has just been plain awful. Getting wireless signal is very spotty. Its been several weeks and they still haven't restored our landline service at the store. Using Tattoo at the store was just a major pain. The speed was unbelievably slow. Just clicking on a GMail email times out.

In frustration, I ended up just installing the Nokia PC Suite on the NetBook and plugged my Nokia 6210 Classic to the USB port. My phone uses Smart's 3G service.

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