Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting a Bite at Bite Club

A couple of months ago, I tried out Wham Burger along Katipunan. Since then, I've been back there one more time. Today, I decided to try out their grilled, gourmet burger competitor just a few buildings away on the same road -- Bite Club. From the outside, Bite Club looks like Brother's Burger (probably because of the logo/color scheme). But once inside, all traces of similarity goes out the door (or window).

The place looks beaten down. The tables and chairs look like they've seen much better days. The place felt like a beer drinking place. I was really surprised by the order counter. There's no POS -- just an ordertaker with a calculator sitting on top of a cash box. After I paid him for my order, I did not even get a receipt (not that I expected one given that he only had a regular calculator!).

Despite all the shortcomings, I have to admit that the burger was fantastic! The size of the burger (in terms of diameter) was huge, and so was the bun. I ordered the caramelized onions topping and it was delicious. I felt that the Wham patties were thicker even though they were smaller in diameter. I will most likely give this place another try.

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