Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Treadmill Test

I had my annual physical exam late last year, but only got the results early this January. The clinic recommended that I: 1) Get a recount of a white blood cells because it was below the reference range of 5 to 10 (I had 4.6); 2) Get a cardiac clearance since the ECG reading was not very clear.

I quickly got a WBC recount upon getting the results the other day. Should know the results by next week. In the meantime, I quickly scheduled for a treadmill test to get a more accurate reading of my heart's electrical workings.

My treadmill test was scheduled at 9am this morning at AMS. I woke up early and got there by 8:30am. They performed some basic blood pressure test and prep work before the actual test. The actual test was made up of 4 stages -- each lasting 3 mins, plus warmup and cool-down, giving a total of close to 20 mins. My heartbeat started at around 70 bpm and hit about 174 bpm at the peak of stage 4. My blood pressure started from 100/70 and rose to a max of 140/80. The attending doctor gave me a clean bill of health after I completed the test!

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