Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caitlin's Face Swells Up

Its a sunny Sunday morning. Cols and I were getting ready to go to church. We're all excited for our trip to Bellarocca Resort in Marinduque tomorrow. Before heading down to the kitchen for breakfast, I passed by the kids' room. As usual, Ethan is already up and about playing with his train while Caitlin was still lazily sleeping.

Their ate Marlyn told me that Caitlin's lip seem to be swelling. I took a look and was shocked at how swollen her upper lip was. Her forehead also look deformed. Since William just had an allergic reaction the other day and his lips swelled up aso, we figure Caitlin must also just be having an allergic reaction.

Just the same, we decided to bring her to Medical City's ER for checkup. Imagine our shock when the doctor said that she should be confined for at least 2 days due to an infection! Since that part of the face is rather dangerous, they did not want to take any chances. There goes our vacation! Caitlin started crying when we told her we're calling off the trip because she was the one most excited with this. I called up Dad, who is with Nikki at China (and supposed to be coming home tonight) to tell them the situation. It was all agreed that we just have to move our entire trip to a future date.

So while Cols took care of admitting Caitlin to Medical City, I went to the ZestAir ticketing office at the old domestic airport to have our flight rebooked. I advised Bellarocca's General Manager, Mr. Jan-Michel Gautier, about the situation and he graciously offered us an extra night since the villas are available anyway! So instead of moving our Mon to Wed trip to next week, I moved it to Sun (Apr 25) to Wed (Apr 29).

Rebooking the tickets cost about P27k, but the extra night at Bellarocca will more than make up for it. Our vacation at Bellarocca hasn't even started and yet, I can already sense the excellent service that we will be receiving once we get there. The generous offer of Mr. Gautier was unnecessary on their part, and goes to show how far they will go to make sure our vacation will be perfect. Looking forward to being there next week!

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