Friday, April 30, 2010

Nokia Training on Qt

I attended a 3-day training at Makati Shangri-la organized by Forum Nokia. They're inviting developers to develop using the Qt Framework for the latest edition of the Series 60 phones. The Qt technology was acquired by Nokia when they bought the company Trolltech.

Qt is yet-another cross platform developer framework that uses C++. In that sense, its kinda like the .NET Framework except this one specifically works in Nokia Series 60 phones instead of Windows Mobile phone and .NET Compact Framework. It also has a lot more animation-related functions that can give Flash a run for its money. Or maybe not.

There are very few phones currently capable of supporting Qt. That is always a risk for developers to work on a platform without knowing for sure if it will become ubiquitous or it will end up in the technology graveyard.

I have to admit that the Qt framework is a helluva lot simpler to use than the old way of writing Series 60 apps using C++ and the Series 60 SDK. But I still haven't thought of a compelling reason to start writing Qt programs.

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