Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hard Drive Crash

My office desktop's hard drive finally came to a halting stop. Its been giving me a weird sound now-and-then like the hard drive spindle going nuts and hitting something. But since I have 3 x hard drives inside, I was not sure which one was causing the problem. But finally, it refused to boot up today so I guess its the main SATA drive after all.

I guess its about time I reinstalled a new Windows anyway. That XP has been around for so many years -- I don't recall anymore. Lots of components have been acting strangely:
  • DivX video output goes haywire
  • Visual Studio cannot debug ASP.NET applications
  • Constantly running out of disk space in the system Drive C
  • The onboard USB ports stopped working
So maybe this is for the better. I've ordered a new 500GB SATA. That should relieve me of my disk spaces woes for awhile. :)

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