Friday, June 4, 2010

Spending Caitlin's Birthday @ Clark Hotel Vida

I took a vacation leave today to spend time with the family. Its Caitlin's 7th birthday and we went to Clark where we checked in at Hotel Vida. Ilene came along with us. There was nothing much to do at Clark and the hotel. However, the kids totally loved the pool slide.

From Hotel Vida Clark

At first, Caitlin refused to try it. Ethan was a bit more brave and was willing to try anything. After several coaxing, Caitlin finally tried it and loved it. After that, the two kids would not stop sliding the whole afternoon.

We had dinner at a Korean restaurant inside the Mimosa compound. We were the only customers that night, I think. Business sure is slow here. We brought our own birthday cake, which Ilene ordered from Goldilocks. Of course, it had Caitlin's favorite cartoon character Spongebob.

The room was affordably priced since we availed of their rainy season promo. It came with breakfast for two and a gift certificate worth P300 which can be used to buy pastries at their cake stand. The room was clean and it has a sofa with a pull-out mattress which can fit 2 more people. Ilene and Caitlin slept there while Ethan slept with me and Cols on the Queen-sized bed.

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