Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting a Vanity Name for my Facebook Page

Ever wondered how some sites get to have a short Facebook URL like while others have very long hard-to-remember names like Well, it seems that in order to request for a personalized name, you have to accumulate at least 25 "fans". Once you have achieved that, then go to and check the availability of your desired name.

For me, I have registered my personal vanity name. So my personal Facebook page is now:

But, of course, I really couldn't care less about having a personal Facebook page for myself. My goal in this whole exercise is to get a vanity name for Dragonpay's Facebook Page which I've been experimenting with for the past few days.

Now, I've finally accumulated 30 "fans" (thanks in large part to my previous postings at the Facebook Developers Forum), so I was able to acquire (tada!):

So typing my original URL now redirects to this shorter URL.

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