Thursday, August 5, 2010

Globe Telecom 1H2010 Revenue Down by 30%

Globe Telecom announced today that their 1st half 2010 revenue is down by 30% compared to last year mainly due to the maturing mobile market. Even though total voice and txt usage increased, revenue went down because of the various bucket and unlimited pricing promos.

Here are some interesting stats that they revealed in their announcement:
  1. Globe generated a 50% increase in text messaging volume and 100% in voice minutes in 1st half of 2010.
  2. About 90% of text messages sent via the Globe network are on unlimited and bucket pricing promos, while only 10% are on the regular service
  3. For voice, 80% of the total voice minutes generated were made via these unlimited promos
  4. The mobile business accounts for 80% of Globe's total service revenue.
  5. As of end-June 2010, total subscribers reached 24.6 million. The postpaid market, comprising about 4% of total base, capped the 1st half with 909,466 subscribers.
  6. Globe's total broadband subscriber base is now 930,000 and is expected to reach 1.2 million by year-end.

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