Sunday, October 17, 2010

Automobile Accidents in our Neighborhood

There has been a spate of car accidents in our subdivisions this past week. In the early morning of Oct 13, a Subaru Forester and a Honda Civic drove straight to the corner wall of a house just about 1 block away from our house. Reports said the cars were driven by teenagers and that they were apparently having a race (and most likely drunk too).

As you can see from the picture, the crash on the Subaru was quite major. I can't figure out how its wheel got completely detached. I don't know if this car can still be salvaged. Its a brand new unit too from the looks of it. I wonder if insurance companies cover acts of stupidity.

Here's another view of the car. Luckily no resident was hurt. Hope these kids get grounded for life by their parents.

Then today, on my way to church, I saw another car with a major accident. This time, it hit a post. The windshield completely smashed too. This incident was about the same distance from our house as the Oct 13 one, but in the opposite direction. Hmmm...

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