Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 4: Last Day at Vancouver

We took it slowly in the morning and checked out by 11am. We walked a few blocks to look at shops Pacific Center Mall. Nothing much to buy. It started to drizzle so we ran back to the hotel.

We drove off toward Vancouver International Airport by 12:30pm. Had a stopover at Safeway to buy some supplies. Outside Safeway was a Chinese restaurant across the street. Since it was still quite early, we had a quick lunch and left 1:45pm for the airport which was 10 mins away.
I filled-up the rental car with gas at the airport gas station first before returning. Cost only CAD 49. The rental salesman was offering me CAD 100 for them to fill it up when we got the car. Good thing I did not listen to him. Lesson learned -- never listen to the car rental salesman.
We drove in to the Budget garage just in time for our deadline. The guy gave me a receipt showing $830 vs. $700. I clarified it at the Budget counter and turned out they charged extra for going over 2pm by a couple of minutes. The guy waived it since it was noted that we rented it out past 2pm anyway.

At YVR airport, we used the self-service kiosk to check ourselves in. Just scanned our passport on the kiosk to lookup our Westjet reservation in their system. However, we could not print the baggage tags until 3hrs prior to flight so we hanged out at the food court to pass time.
Our 6:45pm flight got delayed to 8pm due to late arrival of the plane. Because of the snow, it was very low visibility in the place where the plane came from. Based on the new schedule, we will be arriving Winnipeg 12:30am given the 2-hr time differential. Thankfully, there's free public wifi to help pass the time.

YVR is also child-friendly. They have kids areas showing cartoons and play areas at the terminal gates. The kids were too sleepy to care though so they took a nap while waiting.

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