Saturday, December 11, 2010

Enabling 3D Secure

I finally got around to enabling 3D Secure support on Mozcom PayEasy Online Payment System this afternoon. The "3D" has nothing to do with 3-dimension. Rather, it stands for "Three Domain" authentication. 3D Secure is an XML-over-SSL protocol that essentially allows the card-issuing bank to prompt the cardholder for a password during online payment instead of just relying on the easily-copied/viewable 3-digit CVV.

While there are not that many 3D Secure capable cards in the Philippines yet, that seems to be the global trend. And since our PayEasy merchants deal with customers from around the world, we have no choice but to support it. I heard in Europe, it is already a requirement for online merchants to comply.

Locally, enabling 3D Secure on your credit card can range from really simple to really frustrating. I enabled 3D Secure on my Standard Chartered today also. Its really straightforward. Just go to Standard Chartered Philippines and click on the Worry-Free Online Shopping link. It will just prompt your for basic info about your card (CVV, expiry date), your birthday, then the 3D Secure password you want, and an extra phrase that you want to be displayed in the 3D Secure page so you are sure its your bank's website. Really simple.

Now for the really frustrating -- Metrobank Card. At first glance, enabling 3D Secure on Metrobank credit cards also look trivial. Just go to their site and click the link to Secure Online Shopping (SOS). It will prompt you for your credit card number. When you click next, that's where the complexity begins. It prompts you for the SOS PIN which the bank is supposed to send to you via SMS.

I've already called Metrobank Card (Tel: 8700700) four (4) times for my SOS PIN in the past 2 weeks. Up to this date, I still have not received it. Everytime I call their call center, I would get some lame excuse (ex. system maintenance) and the phone operator would give some equally lame promise that I will receive it within the day. Up to now, nada, nil, zilch. Really poor service. Metrobank Card is a tie-up between Metrobank and ANZ of Australia/New Zealand. So its supposed to be at par with global standards. But my experience so far with them has been nothing but disappointing.

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