Monday, January 16, 2012

Finished my 3rd audio book

I'm starting to become an audiobook junkie!  I just finished my 3rd one.  Having started with Steve Jobs' biography, I went next with Stephen King's Cell.  Now, I just finished Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars.

I actually haven't read Stephen King's novels for a very long time.  I think the last one I read was back in 1994 or 1995. My favorite authors in more recent years are/were Michael Crichton (he's dead now), Dan Brown and James Rollins.  Unlike these guys, Stephen King does not really go out of way to explain WHY certain things are such in his stories.  You just have to take it as is.

Cell started out as a techno-thriller where the entire population turned into zombies simply because of a "pulse" that were sent to the mobile phones.  Now if it were Crichton or Rollins, they would at least try to find a reasonable explanation as to how that can theoretically be possible.  But with King, it just have to enjoy the bloodbath and gore that ensues.  No explanations necessary.

Full Dark, No Stars is an anthology of 4 short stories.  It took me about 2 weeks to finish it since I just get to listen to it on my way to work, and then on the drive back home.  I really liked this one.  In particular, Big Driver and A Good Marriage were pretty good even though their story line were kind of similar.  The protagonist was a woman who was a victim of a serial killer.  She takes the law into her own hands at the end, and somehow gets absolution from the other characters for "doing the right thing".

The epilogue was interesting.  I'm not sure if it was actually Stephen King's voice or the reader/narrator.  But it basically explained the story behind the story -- ie. where he got the inspiration for Big Driver or the real story that served as the basis for A Good Marriage.  Especially for the latter, its interesting to know that it was actually based on a real story.

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